How Cuidando Angeles NCS Training got started 


Cuidando Angeles NCS LLC Training came to life when two extraordinary NCSA Certified Advanced Newborn Care Specialists, CACHE certified NCS, and Postpartum Doulas were working on their  Lactation Educators certification.

Kelly D. Rodas and Susana (Susy) Caracas together have combined more than 12 years of experience in the newborn care world, 17 years of experience each in the nanny world. Kelly and Susy separately have always been involved in supporting the childcare community including: volunteering in various organizations, associations, and privately giving free advice and mentorship to peers in need.


It was approximately two years ago when their paths crossed at one of the many trainings they consistently attend to expand their knowledge and stay ahead of the curve in order to better serve their clients. After a couple of minutes of conversation, they immediately found common passions, the strongest being their equal desire to help the community, and having a shared mission to encourage their colleagues to continue educating themselves and to spread their spirit of achieving success.

Susy Caracas has been the Director of Community Affairs for the US Nanny Association for more than a year. Here, she invited Kelly to be part of her committee, where they saw first-hand the desire of the Hispanic community to learn, educate, and improve themselves. However, the language barrier caused many of their colleagues to feel unsure of their ability to understand the training correctly, and learned that many other bilingual associates preferred to learn amongst a community who shared their native culture and language.

Susy and Kelly's path was clear. They had  "to help and collaborate with their community." It was then, that they decided to create the Newborn Care Specialist class in Spanish, and committing to the community that the concepts and knowledge would be clear and easy to understand. 

So began the adventure of over 10 months: gathering information, conducting interviews, researching, consulting articles, reading books, collecting resources, and researching university studies on topics of interest regarding newborn care, etc.  They managed to gather all this information in different languages, where they worked on its translation and adaptation, and were able to create the first manual which they submitted to the  the Newborn Care Specialist Association for approval. The objective of the trainings is to present certified and evidence based material to the Hispanic community, and they were thrilled when the manual was finally  approved!


Cuidando Angeles NCS LLC training is hosting its first workshop in March 2021, which offers the community that supports them a quality course that the Hispanic community deserve, while additionally offering an economically accessible course to all those who have the desire to progress and perfect their methods, expand their knowledge, and thereby helping to improve their professional and personal lives.