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How Cuidando Ángeles NCS Training got started 

Susy and Kelly partnering

Our company was born from the genuine desire of two extraordinary newborn care and infant development professionals, each certified under the US Nanny Association and the Newborn Care Specialist Association as well as, Internationally Certified by CACHE.

Kelly Rodas and Susy Caracas have been part of the childcare industry for over a decade during which, they independently served  countless families.  Based on their vast experience, credibility, and prestige inside and outside the NCS industry together they aspire to revolutionize the industry and have already made great advancements towards that goal.
Kelly and Susy always independently supported the community of Hispanic nannies by volunteering with various organizations, spearheading outreach efforts within

associations, and providing mentorship and advice to colleagues. In 2018, their paths crossed at one of the many trainings they attended, as they were both passionately pursuing education to expand their knowledge and be able to provide a better service to their clients.

This friendship has flourished and is strengthened by their shared purpose to support the Spanish-speaking community of nannies and their common vision of education being the key to advancing the newborn care industry to becoming a more supportive and inclusive one.

This vision took form when Kelly and Susy decided to unite forces, creating Cuidando Angeles NCS Training which aims to transform the lives of Hispanic women like themselves through training and empowerment. Their courses put within the reach of Spanish-speaking nannies quality education and training programs in Spanish. In this way, Susy and Kelly's nanny friends and colleagues can now learn and obtain the knowledge of caring for a newborn clearly and with complete understanding no longer limited by a language barrier. Thus ensuring, that future specialists in newborn and infant care offer safe and high-quality care to parents and their babies with the responsibility that is warranted in a harmonious environment while establishing healthy eating and sleeping habits for infants.

Cuidando Ángeles NCS Training LLC launched in March 2021, being the first to offer an NCS training course in Spanish nationally approved by the NCS Association and accredited for Certification by the US Nanny Association. Cuidando Angeles NCS Training continues to offer a variety of economically accessible evidence-based courses and workshops that have now opened the doors for many women in the Hispanic community to step into their careers with greater preparedness and tools for success so that, they can achieve their professional goals.

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