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How to become certified


Cuidando Angeles NCS LLC is proud to be an approved Newborn Care Specialist training by the Newborn Care Specialist Association and accredited by the US Nanny Association. Upon completion of our course and passing our final exam, you have the option to obtain a certification from either association or both if you prefer.


The Newborn Care Specialist Association requires 2000 hours of newborn care (must include 100 hrs of daytime care) in addition to proof of CPR certification and a background check to become a certified NCS. The US Nanny association requires 4000 hours of newborn care in addition to proof of CPR certification and a newborn proficiency exam to become a Newborn and Infant Care Professional (NICP).

This coveted title is not one that many hold, but shows that you are an expert in your field. For more information on how to join the NCSA or USNA and how to apply for certifications, be sure to click the link below.


Until the time that you become certified, we do recommend becoming a member of the NCSA and USNA in order to stay up to date with everything happening in the Newborn Care Specialist profession, learn about continued education classes that you can take, be a part of their private Facebook group, and more. 

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