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Our Team 

My name is Susy Caracas. I am a resident of Orange County, California.


In 2005 I began working as a Nanny but, my passion was always working with newborns. Therefore, in 2012 I began specializing in the care of newborn babies, as well as in the postpartum care of the mother. This launched me into my professional career as a Postpartum Doula (DONA International), Certified Adv. Newborn Care Specialist (NCSA), Certified Newborn and Infant Care Professional (USNA), Newborn NCS CACHE, and Sleep Coach.


In Mexico, I received my bachelor's degree in Communications with a specialty in Public Relations, and I worked as a Spanish teacher at the high school level for three years.


In 2020 I joined the board of directors at the US Nanny Association. Here, I had the responsibility and position to advocate for the Hispanic community of nannies. Among many volunteer activities, my position allowed me to contribute to the organization of the Spanish edition of the annual Virtual Conference for Parents and Nannies.


I am the creator of the Hispanic Nannies Facebook group with more than 2,500 members nationwide. Our mission is to empower, mentor, and share resources and valuable information with colleagues so that they may continue enhancing their education, develop their personal and professional careers, and overall be part of an environment of mutual respect and friendship.


Additionally, I have the honor to be a Postpartum Doula Volunteer at the Joy in Birth Foundation, giving physical and emotional support to any mother who does not have the financial resources to receive postpartum support. This is important to me because I believe that every new mother deserves support, especially in the first days after giving birth. It is through all my experiences that I know first-hand the need our Hispanic community of childcare takers has to receive equal access to education and job opportunities.


Cuidando Angeles hopes to continue to provide and achieve this mission, and our Newborn Care Specialist course in Spanish was the first step, but this is only the beginning!

My name is Kelly Denisse Rodas. I was born in the city of Los Angeles, California, but I’ve spent my life between LA and Guatemala where my parents are from.

I have been happily married since 2015 and we currently live in Orange County, California.

In Guatemala, I studied Law and Social Sciences and worked as Director at a Basic Education school where I taught English and Home Education courses. However, to follow my passion for supporting families and babies, I began to equip myself and pursue training in the care of newborns and that is how I specialized in diverse roles within the childcare industry.


I am a Nanny, Postpartum Doula (CAPPA), Certified Adv Newborn Care Specialist (NCSA), NCS CACHE, Sleep Coach, Certified Newborn, and Infant Care Professional (USNA), and currently working on my Lactation Educator Certification (CAPPA). I was able to achieve all of this throughout my 13 years of experience in the childcare industry.

I have always been involved in supporting the community locally, as it is my personal mission to serve my community.

In 2021 I joined the Hispanic Nannies committee of the US Nanny Association, among several others, my main volunteer tasks included producing material for social media networks in our native language, Spanish.

I am one of the administrators of the Nannies Hispanas Facebook group with more than 2,500 members where, apart from providing professional development, I also support the organization of social events because we value the importance of doing life together and growing as a community.

All of these experiences led me to want to pursue the creation of an evidence-based course that met the standards required to be a Newborn Care training course, approved and validated by associations valued in the industry, but completely in Spanish.


Seeing that there was none of this kind in our language and the great need and desire that the Hispanic community had to learn and progress, we knew that creating this course in Spanish would allow those in our community to truly grasp the knowledge that our families trust us to know in the care of newborns and would fling doors open for our community in what they can achieve and what better way than in our native language where we can understand our customs and traditions and allow our background to shape and motivate our education not deter it.

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