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The demand for Newborn Care Specialists is in full swing. There is no better time then now to join us as we guide you every step of the way on your journey.

What is a Newborn Care Specialist?

A Newborn Care Specialist is a professional who advises and guides new parents with evidence based information and knowledge.

Typically, a Newborn Care Specialist (NCS) is hired to care for neonates, and they work independently with minimal parental guidance.

These professionals are familiar with all of the appearances and behaviors considered "normal" of a newborn, and they help families to determine when something is outside the range of normality, thus ensuring the parents have the peace of mind that their newborn is developing properly.

 An NCS often has extensive knowledge about how to care for preterm babies or multiples, and their mission is to establish good eating and sleeping habits to help the newborn(s) sleep through the night. An NCS is also knowledgeable in supporting family values ​​and understands the cultural importance of the family.

An NCS will respect the parent's choices and support them whether they decide to breastfeed or formula feed. They will not judge parents who choose to feed their babies with supplemented formula, no matter the reason. An NCS has a basic understanding postpartum mood disorders,  (sad or depressed mood, agitation and irritable, changes in appetite, feeling worthless or guilty, and being unable to care for themselves or their baby) and knows when to suggest outside help for the health and balance of the family.

The latest information about optimal newborn care is something that the NCS maintains, and those resources are shared with families for parents to make informed decisions based on current research, and what works best for the family dynamic and values.


The NCS is willing to guide others and receives guidance where appropriate, and fully understands the scope of practice at all times.

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